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Related post: Date: Sun, 1 Aug 2010 22:41:45 -0700 (PDT) From: Cailen Vature Subject: Raven Chapter 2PLEASE READ THESE DISCLAIMERS: This story is a very long wife sexy modeling work of gay erotic science fiction. There are some scenes of man on man action but it will not be a dominating factor in this story. So if you are looking for something to get off to you might as well turn around now. The names and places in this story are entirely fictitious, any relation to persons child russian model or events are entirely german bikini models coincidental. HOWEVER: they are based off of real places and events to make the story seem more plausible. If you are underage, or this is illegal models bikini nude where you are, then please do the right thing... (Whatever that may be...) This story is copyrighted, 2010. To me the author and it 100 nonude models is therefore illegal to nn latina models child model link copy or use any part of this story without my written permission. 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I was wondering... how... your first day of school went?" princess model pussy Ian stumbling on the words This was just great it was already just the second day of school and Corey already has kid models pic him harassing me. I glanced around the room and noticed that model teens audition a few of the kids were beginning to whisper. "Don't you think you should stay away from the faggot cocksucker?" I asked him which caused him to runway bikini models back away in surprise "You're obviously ukrainan models very stupid" I whispered so only sexy ebony model he could hear "you tell Corey I'll keep my part of the bargain you can pretend like I don't exist alright. People are starting to stare." Ian tgp newstar models finally glanced around noticing that everyone's eyes were on him "Ha ha Ian I haven't heard that one from Corey in at least a week!" I said in a loud voice "very original!" 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Ian cast his eyes down "You boge be dee jock anb I willeeb e fabbot" I tried Ian seemed to understand and backed away from me The nurse rushed back in with an administrator "What happened son?" the administrator asked I was about to say I fell but model gallers strawberry it seemed fate was a colder and crueler god then japannesse models 12yo I have ever suspected when Ian decided to speak up "He said Corey Vancil punched him in the face" My heart nearly exploded out of my chest and I stared at Ian and I couldn't help it I started crying "But he said he fell" the nurse said "You think you can break a nose like that from falling?" Ian asked The administrator eroticchild models seemed to shuffle his feet looking uncomfortable. "Well I suppose we should bring Mr. Vancil in here and see sandra model vid what he has to say for himself hmmm?" While the administrator left to go get Ian and the nurse left to meet the ambulance at the front of the school I turned csm link model to Ian with a look of absolute loathing I top tween models clapped my hands dramatically "Bravo... bravo" I tucked my legs in and started rocking myself back and forth and the tears ls nude model kept flowing down my face "What... what's wrong?" mature secretary models Ian asked "You're eber realeeb dumb or realeeb smart you hab me foobed" I said still in tears but managed to straighten out just teen model thin as the administrator walked in with Corey in tow. "Well it seems child thirteen model we have this all cleared up" the administrator said coming in with a huge smile Ian seemed confused "Well it seems here Dustin started a fight here and punched Corey in the stomach" as if on cue Corey lifted his shirt dramatically to show a black and blue on his abdomen "Corey was just amanda wagner model acting out of self defense" the administrator finished Ian looked like he was about to protest when Corey spoke up "Mr. Greene I hope this doesn't affect bullzeye bikini models my ability to play for the big game tomorrow you know how much my father is looking forward to it" Corey said in boss teen models a sickly sweet voice "Oh yes Mr. Vancil, he's been just an asset to the school" Mr. Greene said nodding "May I return to class now?" Corey asked "Well there is only a few minutes left of lunch why don't you just spend it here before going off to your next class" "Thank you Mr. Greene" Corey said very sweetly "And I'll be seeing you next week after you serve your five day suspension" Mr. Greene said looking at me before model sandra newstar walking out the door As soon as Mr. Greene was gone Corey rounded on me grabbing me 18yo model by the collar "Listen here you little fuck you better hope you never come back because when you do I'm going to fucking kill you! You understand you faggot? You're dead!" Ian rushed over and pried his hands off my shirt and pushed him back just as the russian glamor models nurse arrived with a stretcher. I let the guy help me on and watched the horrified look on Ian's face as I was wheeled away.
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